That’s No Moon… it’s a Donut!

Happy New Year!  (Chuc Mung Nam Moi! – Vietnamese)

I was having a conversation with a friend… we know that sometimes the little things in life can really make a difference… it’s funny how a small moment can have a huge impact on your life.  No, I’m not talking about stepping on an ant while traveling back in time changing history… this blog post in gonna be themed around the latest Hollywood blockbuster of Rogue One and how they helped to lead events where a young moisture farmer from Tatooine miraculously defines “one in a million” odds to blow up the Death Star via using The Force!

In Spring 2015, I started playing a game made by Fantasy Flight Games called Star Wars Armada.  I got into it because my friend/neighbor got into Naval Intelligence work because he loved identifying silhouettes of Star Destroyers as a kid.  He joked, “We are going to Worlds [Championships.] Since I love playing games (to prevent mental atrophy), I bought some plastic ships and set off “to be the very best… the best that ever was.” Well, I played in some local tournaments and got crushed!

However, with no expectations, I somehow became the 2015 North American Champion at GenCon!  I subsequently became the 2016 U.S. National Champion!  I even got credit from the 2016 North American Champion – love from Canada (Greater Toronto Area).  Haha… from an absolute zero to someone who now garners Internet infamy (just Google “GenCon Special Star Wars Armada”)!  Thanks to the Intensify Forward Firepower Podcast for naming the GenCon Special (haha… they talk about me at 18:45 and you can hear my squeaky voice at 35:50 for a few minutes). Not Urban Dictionary levels of fame, but I am also credited twice for terms on this blog.  What’s even more surreal, I was asked to playtest for Fantasy Flight Games!  This whole experience has been quite the trip!

Recently, I got to go to the World Championships in Minneapolis, MN and to check out The Baker’s Wife for theDonutQuest!

Minnesota Nice is definitely a thing!  They gave me a bag of 3-4 donuts as a welcome to their fair city!

Front: (L) Luke… Australian National Champion (got travel to US as part of his win).  Back (L) Steven… Final Four at 2016 Worlds and Member of Intensify Forward Firepower. (R) Austin… does mathematics for stocks in NYC.

I am thankful for meeting all kinds of folks due to my minor celebrity status… again, this is all so surreal!

In summary, little things can make a big difference! So buy somebody a donut or flash them a smile, you just might brighten their day… or give them Hope in humanity!  And Rebellions* are built on Hope.  😀

*In life, your Rebellion is any challenge where you are against impossible odds.


  1. Blue Star Donuts (I went here and remember that the Chocolate Basil was amazing.  Note: I like slight hints of spicy/savory in my desserts.)
  2. DaVinci’s Donuts (Smaller portions don’t lead to a big sugar crash and there are unique gourmet flavors!)
  3. Gourdough’s (They make everything BIGGER in Texas, including DONUTS!)
  4. Voodoo Donuts (Probably the first best donut I ever had.  It was a Maple Bacon Bar.
  5. The Baker’s Wife (Decent donuts.  I would say that this is the baseline for donuts that are worth eating.)
  6. Duck Donuts (Superior to Krispy Kreme/Dunkin Donuts but you’re just getting a blast of sugar… there isn’t anything that really make it unique.)


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