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Ever wonder how to finance The Donut Quest? One must look to Homer Simpson for VisionQuest guidance!  Admittedly, it is somewhat cool to say that you “control power” for a living! Well, not exactly, but I do regulate it.  Not as cool though as “making lots of money” working at the US Mint.  Get it?

Work sent me down to HOTlanta.  It must be noted that a nuclear reactor is critical under normal operations and you don’t get into trouble until it’s SUPERcritical!  Haha… yes, while I don’t understand how dilithium crystals work, I argue that Scotty worries too much on the USS Enterprise!

Visit to DaVinci’s Donuts:

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I love the presentation of the “business special.”  The donuts are smaller (about 60% to 75% of normal-sized ones) but “plumper.” As you can see in the pic, it comes in a pizza box and the lid has the different flavors.  It’s a classy touch.



So I tried Tiramisu (unfortunately, I don’t remember what this is supposed to taste like!)… I shared the rest!


  1. Blue Star Donuts (I went here and remember that the Chocolate Basil was amazing.  Note: I like slight hints of spicy/savory in my desserts.)
  2. DaVinci’s Donuts (Smaller portions don’t lead to a big sugar crash and there are unique gourmet flavors!)
  3. Gourdough’s (They make everything BIGGER in Texas, including DONUTS!)
  4. Voodoo Donuts (Probably the first best donut I ever had.  It was a Maple Bacon Bar.)



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