Donut Ya Know – (Pumpkin) Carve Your Own Path!

Halloween is the best holiday ever!  Fun as a kid and potentially more fun as an adult!

Usually the weekend after Canadian Thanksgiving (which coincides with the other holiday which really shouldn’t be celebrated), I host a gathering known as Pumpkin Guts and Gory where we carve pumpkins! Yeah, while it can be construed as a boring wholesome activity…

Your life can be described as a pumpkin… a blank canvas where you carve whatever path you choose (yes, if you have the means to read this blog, this statement applies to you!)… just remember that you have to accept the consequences of your actions.  Also, there is a potential to get smashed as well, but every pumpkin season, you get to carve a new path.


2016: Left to Right: “EEK”, “Ninja Face”, “Travelocity Gnome”, “Jack Skellington” and the small one celebrates the 50th anniversary of Charlie Brown and Snoopy (yeah, not my best work… you need bigger pumpkins for more oxygen for a brighter flame!  I tried to use “digital” LED candles but they don’t “hold a candle” to candles!


Haha… back in the day when Maxim was a witty magazine until they started having quizzes like Cosmopolitan.  There was always a devil girl advertising Altoids, the curiously strong mint.  I took that concept and applied it to a mudflap girl.


This is the year that I got really big into archery so I made a design off Archer.  This could be the funniest cartoon ever!


This is the year that I got really big into CrossFit so I made “Deadlift Girl.” Granted I carved it before the Force Awakens… but, hey, strong is sexy! Smart is sexy too!

I feel “Archery” and “Deadlift Girl” were better carved pumpkins due to applying the concept of negative space.

Sour Cream Pumpkin Donuts

Substitute: Milk –> 4oz Sour Cream; Pumpkin Extract (splash); Pumpkin Spice (Penzey’s – to taste).

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