Donut Limits Define You! – (Gluten-Free)

I got invited to a Labor Day/Housewarming Party.  One of the people that lived there can’t eat gluten (even traces of soy sauce will set her off) at all. I mean… it’s sad enough that she can’t eat Bon Chon Chicken.  Of course, I took it as a challenge to make something that she would enjoy.  But, hey, I’ve eaten GF cookies, err… cardboard before so I set out to not make it suck for everyone else!

Note: She was out of town so she can’t comment on the deliciousness of the donuts but others loved it!  Hey, life is also about timing and luck!

Gluten-Free Cake Base Recipe:

1.0 Cup King Arthur GF Flour

0.5 Cup of Almond Flour (yeah, you make Macaroons with this)

1.0 Cup of Trader Joe’s Applesauce

1.5 Teaspoon Baking Powder

1 Melted Stick of Butter (4 oz or 8 Tablespoons)

1 Egg (Large)

Icing:  Chocolate/Peanut Butter Ganache

I’ve heard people go full on Paleo and make pizza out of rice or cauliflower as the flour substitute.  So I went with the assumption that the King Arthur GF Flour would not have any flavor.  To fix this, I used Almond Flour to give some nuttiness flavor.  However, Almond Flour is dense and I would need more eggs to act as a combiner to keep the donuts together. At this point, I’d be making an omelet as it’s not gonna satisfy your sweet tooth.  I used applesauce instead of sugar and milk as the liquid portion. Hey, if I was going GF, I might as well not add more sugar for super healthiness.

Yes, at this point, I knew people would be eating a granola bar so what makes these health bars taste OK?  Chocolate!  What makes chocolate better?  Peanut butter!  Hence, the ganache.  Ganache makes it sound fancy, right?  Just equal parts of heavy whipping cream boiled onto dark chocolate… then I threw on some peanut butter!  Boom!  Taste explosion!


So the philosophy point…  Donut Limits* Define You!  Of course, limits do set boundaries but it doesn’t mean you can’t live life like an asymptote! Life’s a journey… find ways to enjoy the ride!

*Limits can be physical, mental, emotional… or that really big guy that blocks your path!

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