HOTlanta! – DaVinci Donuts


Ever wonder how to finance The Donut Quest? One must look to Homer Simpson for VisionQuest guidance!  Admittedly, it is somewhat cool to say that you “control power” for a living! Well, not exactly, but I do regulate it.  Not as cool though as “making lots of money” working at the US Mint.  Get it?

Work sent me down to HOTlanta.  It must be noted that a nuclear reactor is critical under normal operations and you don’t get into trouble until it’s SUPERcritical!  Haha… yes, while I don’t understand how dilithium crystals work, I argue that Scotty worries too much on the USS Enterprise!

Visit to DaVinci’s Donuts:

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I love the presentation of the “business special.”  The donuts are smaller (about 60% to 75% of normal-sized ones) but “plumper.” As you can see in the pic, it comes in a pizza box and the lid has the different flavors.  It’s a classy touch.



So I tried Tiramisu (unfortunately, I don’t remember what this is supposed to taste like!)… I shared the rest!


  1. Blue Star Donuts (I went here and remember that the Chocolate Basil was amazing.  Note: I like slight hints of spicy/savory in my desserts.)
  2. DaVinci’s Donuts (Smaller portions don’t lead to a big sugar crash and there are unique gourmet flavors!)
  3. Gourdough’s (They make everything BIGGER in Texas, including DONUTS!)
  4. Voodoo Donuts (Probably the first best donut I ever had.  It was a Maple Bacon Bar.)



Da Gainz

During lunch* my friends asked me, “Aren’t you gonna get fat from all the donuts?”  I simply replied, “It’s all about the gainz.”

*Note – We often debate and solve many of the ills of society such as the ranking of the best eats including the “premium fast food” category.

What are da gainz?


As part of the CrossFit family (e.g., cult)… I’ve tried all kinds of exercise and training (Normal people would call this “dieting” but this term has negative connotations (denying yourself of nutrients) and does not exist when one enters Super Beast Mode.  This blog is all about positivity.  I will never tell anyone to “Never Give Up” but rather “Fight On” because the former phrase implies that impossible odds are against you.

While I am a doctor (Well, a “fake one” – PhD – Piled, Higher and Deeper in Chemical Engineering), I am not a medical one so my statements are based on empirical observations and reading books/Interwebs.  YMMV.

What physical characteristics can be attributed to youth?  If the Fountain of Youth is what leads to immortality (e.g., health), what do we need?

  1. Strength: Look at every professional sport, age is a factor!  As we get older, we lose muscle mass so, in general, the younger athlete will be stronger.  That’s why you don’t see many 40-yr olds competing in the Olympics or the World Cup.
  2. Flexibility: Remember how bendy you were as a kid?  It’s super apparent in guys and doing the “splits.”  Look how young the Olympic gymnasts are!  However, ever notice how some old yogis look so fabulous?

Astute readers will notice that I did not mention heavy cardio/running endurance?  It can be done when you’re over 100!  But I bet he can’t come close to carrying/moving boxes like someone younger.

Which brings me to… the Stages of Weightlifting:

  1. To lose weight!
  2. To get cut.  (Yes, lifting heavy weight overhead will require you to stabilize your core so that what gets you that six-pack!)
  3. To impress girls.
  4. To impress guys. (Yes, 3&4 are inter-changeable for your own needs. Easier/more concise to explain as I’m coming from a heterosexual male perspective.  Also, I doubt I will ever graduate to Stage 4!)

In terms of training (Paleo, Mediterranean, etc), I would say that moving away from processed foods (Tip: Read the label on your bread.  The big difference between bread and cake is really sugar.  I noticed this while spending a few hundred hours learning pastry at a French culinary school.) and too much sugar is what is causing a lot of our health problems.  I believe that diabetes is the cause of other factors, such as heart disease which ultimately take most of the credits for mortality rates.  🙁

This gets to the other part of the blog.  In addition to the primary quest of finding good donuts, I’m going to practice and develop unprocessed/homemade/healthier donut recipes!  Luckily, a have a whole gym of victims, err… tasters for my creations!  (I don’t have a sweet tooth… potato chips and the Teenage Ninja Turtle diet are my weakness.  My gym eats a lot of donuts… which is surprising since they are super ripped people.  Go figure.)

Additionally, a strong body is useless without an equally strong mind and fighting spirit…

In order to win, you must be willing to lose.  My joke is… “Don’t go for a Laos, or settle for a Thai, when you can go for a Nguyen.” 

It’s just a play on words (I know quite a few awesome Laotian and Thai folks).  First, to gain muscle mass, you are actually breaking down muscle tissue to get stronger.  If you ever wondered why all the guys in martial arts flick practice kicking bamboo, it’s because they are causing small microfractures in their bones that heal giving more bone density.  If you keep rubbing your skin, a scab will eventually form that will make your skin tougher.  All in all, stress makes us stronger!

For every gain/success we see, there is a backstory of numerous losses/failures that we don’t see.

In donut philosophy terms, without the hole, we wouldn’t be surrounded by the great taste!  So focus on da gainz (your goals) in life… and failures are just the means to help you get there!

The Quest Begins…

WE’VE ALL BEEN THERE… Life isn’t perfect, but things are going pretty great and then something abruptly happens… and you go from top of the world to feeling like an absolute ZERO.  Tapping my Philly roots, I recalled this…


Feeling like a ZERO, I took control of how I felt* and thought about a zero-shaped object… one that brings me happiness… and that’s how the tagline for this blog took shape.

“DONUT Life Get Ya Down!  Eat DONUTS!”

Astute readers will notice that the tagline begins and ends with donuts… some deep philosophical connection with the Lion King, Circle of Life shit, right?  Steve D., remember my Best Man’s Speech for you?

Oh, I drew the banner by freehand (I’m AZN) so it had to be a Double Dragon with a Questing Donut Samurai (c’mon, was I really gonna pick a Western Monty Python one?)!  The art style was inspired by XKCD and The Oatmeal.

*Note: Nobody can tell you how you should feel because your feelings are your feelings!  Furthermore, Q’s (that’s me) Theory of the Conservation of Thought goes like this…

When a thought is created, it cannot be destroyed.  In your mind, you need to create positive ones to displace the negative ones.

So, in my soul-searching, being lazy, I naturally sought the Interwebs for guidance… As a man, the Interwebs tell me that I should seek an adventure… climb a mountain, wrestle a bear, etc… Considering that I’ve survived death several times in my life (seriously) and, frankly, I’m lucky to be here today, I decided that I did not want to press my luck on these “adventures.”  I mean, I guess it would be kinda cool to pee off of K2 but that’s a lot of work…

The premise of this blog…

  • Travel every few months to a new city and put their finest Donut Shop to the test!
  • Buy a donut for the customer in front or in back of me… Perhaps, they will share an interesting story!
  • Since I am not infinitely rich (donations are always welcome), I’ll try to post monthly content on donut recipes that I will try!  Reader suggestions are always welcome!
  • Visit new places to catch Pokemon.**

**What is PokemonGO?  OK, you’ve probably been living under a rock so you won’t likely think this blog is humorous or punny.  BTW – I’m on Team Yellow and join my Facebook Group… why did I pick Yellow… because ZachZag said so!

Since I used to write Ultimate Frisbee cheers, here goes…

I want to eat the very best,
Like no one ever has.
To taste them is my real test,
To make them is my cause.
I will travel across the land,
Searching far and wide.
Each Donut Shop, to understand
The power that’s inside
Donut Shops
(Gotta Taste ’em all)
Donuts and me
I know it’s my destiny

Donut Shops
Like a best friend
In a world we must defend
Donut Shops
(Gotta taste ’em all)
A mouth so true
My taste buds will pull us through
You feed me and I’ll eat you
Donut Shops
(Gotta taste ’em all)
Gotta taste ’em all
Donut Shops

TARGET: DaVinci Donuts (July 2016)